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Career Ladder Opportunities

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CNA/HHA is the absolute entry-level job in patient care-few individuals seek out training with the goal of being a career nurse assistant or home aide. It is important that individuals understand that it can be difficult to reach a self-sustaining position on the career ladder when starting at the first rung and that they understand what it takes to access the higher-skilled jobs in allied health care.

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Individuals trying to complete nursing prerequisites or who plan to pursue another allied health training program in the near future might find the flexible schedule and opportunity for non-traditional work hours that home health aide employment provides allows them to climb the career ladder more quickly than if they had pursued an entry-level position with a firm hourly commitment.

The Gavilan College LVN program gives admissions preference to Gavilan CNAs (many students matriculate within one year and work part-time during their LVN training), and Mission College's CNA program is recommended for individuals applying for admission to the Mission College LVN program. Because demand for home health aides has increased significantly in the South Bay Area, Gavilan is now offering a Home Health Aide course as an adjunct to their CNA-LVN-RN program.

The career ladder model may not be realistic for some CNAs or home health aides, and sometimes, people do spend a career in entry level home or skilled care. Because certified home health aides must also be certified nursing assistants (CNA), many individuals work as home health aides to build experience while waiting for general hospital CNA positions to open. General hospital CNA positions are unionized and the wages are usually $16-$21/hr with benefits for full time employees. Though this is not a step up on the career ladder, it is often a significant wage increase. Some hospitals, however, have pared down their full-time CNA staff and the remaining jobs are more competitive. The majority of CNA vacancies are still in skilled nursing facilities or in home health care, where the wages are considerably lower.